The Unified Theory and the Mathematics of Hidden Dimensions

LJ Dove



A centre of stillness under immense electrical pressure located at the apices of two opposed electric vortex cones otherwise known as compressing cathode waves. Anodes project electric vortex waves, called ‘anode waves’ by Dr Russell, outward from their still centres to wavefield boundaries otherwise known as cathode planes.

Bi-concave lens

Lenses of light created by the intersections of spherical wave motions which create curvatures that expand light.

Bi-convex lens

Lenses of light created by the intersections of spherical wave motions which create curvatures that compress light.


The planes of Still Magnetic Light of all cubic wavefields. These planes compose the invisible space geometry that control all centripetal and centrifugal spiraling electric motions in the universe. This is the location of the inert gases which project electric light into wavefield anodes from their four spinning rings.


The outward unwinding spiral direction. The effects of centrifugance are expansion, radiation, discharge, decentration, explosion, exhalation, unwinding, etc.


The inward thrusting, spiral direction. The effects of centripetance are compression, generation, charge, concentration, implosion, inhalation, inwinding, etc.

Cones, intersecting

The geometry used to describe the containment of all expressions of motion.


Individual pressures of light.

Dynamic System

The north/south direction of ever-changing electric pressures.


The effect of strain, tension, and resistance caused by the energy of desire in the Still Magnetic Light of Mind to divide and extend the balanced unity of the One Still Light of universal Mind into pairs of many divided units of thinking Mind.


An equator is a plane of equal pressures. Equators are the dividing planes of the universal equilibrium. They represent the undivided and unchanging spiritual light from which the physical bodies of all things are extended. In a radial universe, planes of equal pressures must be curved because every point of equal pressures, which is extended from the apex of a cone, must be curved.


The light which begins in the undivided electric spectrum. It is the beginning and end of motion. The inert gases begin in the first octave as invisible fluorescent light of zero motion. They end in the 9th octave as visible fluorescent light, which has reached a speed of nearly 186,400 miles per second, emitted by elements of the transuranium series like Plutonium and Neptunium.

Folding and Unfolding

Unfolding expands idea into the form of the idea, in gradually increasing seed patterns. Folding is the centripetal force of gravity that refolds each part back to its seed for repeating its unfolding.


An immovable point of Still Magnetic Light from which the power of energy is expressed. An equator through which interchange occurs. The equilibrium of the undivided universe.


God is the universe. All is God and God is all. God is the One substance, One Being, One Mind, One force, and the only existing reality.


A point or shaft that can be located in the invisible universe where Universal Mind desires to concentrate thought and thought power. In this sense, gravity and God are One. Where gravity is, stillness is. Gravity and magnetism are one, but each has a different connotation and usage that require two words to differentiate their meanings.

Gravity poles

The two poles usually referred to as the north and south magnetic poles. Magnetism is not the cause, it is but an effect. The point of Still Magnetic Light of the gravity centre in every sphere is extended in opposite directions to create gravity shafts. These shafts control the spinning electric rings which are parallel to the equators of spheres and rotate at 90 degrees in relationship to them.


The simulation of light. Incandescence is not light, it is but motion. Incandescence is the compressed half of the One divided pair of opposite conditions which constitute matter and space. The black vacuity of cold space constitutes the expanded half.

Inert gases

The planes of Still Magnetic Light which constitute the nine cathode planes of the cube. They are the spiritual elements that are the bridge between the unmanifested universe of knowing in eternal stillness and the temporal universe of ever-changing electrical motions of thinking. Each inert gas is constructed of four rings in one plane centered by a hole which is the invisible Mind Source of those four rings. The hole is centered by a point of Still Magnetic Light. The inert gases are not pairs. They are not divided. Division takes place by light projected from them. The projected light is the basis for the electro-chemical elements. The ancients referred to them as the Akashic records/substance. The inert gases are the recorder of all motions in the universe. They are the soul seeds of all bodies in the universe.


The electric wave motion simulation of the idea of God’s white-Mind light, which is at rest in the stillness of eternity, in the Mind of the Creator. Two opposed electric lights of motion appear to manifest the idea of light which is eternally sealed in the light of rest.

Light, Divided

The intensely brilliant white light of stillness in Universal Mind which is divided into male/red colors and female/blue colors to be joined together as mates, thereby creating all colors and frequencies of the ‘sensed universe.’

Light, speed of

The speed that light waves can be reproduced.

Light, Still Magnetic

The all-light of the Creator which is invisible. It centres wavefields and bounds them in planes of stillness. It’s the blinding white light that no eyes can see. Illuminates alone can see that light through their centres of consciousness in their pineal gland. God’s white-Mind light is dark to man’s senses because it is still. Man’s sense cannot perceive absolute stillness. For this reason, it is invisible.

Light, Undivided

The One undivided light of Universal Mind at rest in the Sill Magnetic Light which is everywhere at once in the whole universe and which cannot be sensed anywhere in the relative ‘sensed universe.’

Locked potentials/positions of octave waves

Locked potentials arise from the zero motion of the inert gases. They are the pressure zones in cubic wave fields which create the elements. There are seven positions for each octave wave. The amplitude of the wave is a shared position where male and female energies are united and balanced, thereby creating perfect incandescent spheres bounded by the planes of the perfect cubes of invisible space geometry.


The straining elastic reaction to the motions of electricity. Magnetism is not a separate force but is a desire to return to stillness that which electricity has disturbed. Its purpose is to extinguish the motions of electricity and would extinguish itself if it could. It is not an attractive force as defined by academia. It is a return to stillness in the universal vacuum.

Misconceptions of Mainstream Physics:

4D space-time, Big bang theory, black holes, chirality, dark energy, dark matter, Einstein’s relativities, electron orbital shells, elemental particles, event horizons, gravitational collapse, gravitational lensing, length contraction, nuclear fusion, neutron stars, nuclear atoms, particle physics, particle/wave duality, photons, Plank’s constant, quantum mechanics, quantums, singularities, solar nuclear furnaces, string theory, time dilation, the second law of thermodynamics, wormholes…etc.


The direction of genero-activity, high pressure, and high potential. In any mass, north is the gravitative-radiative centre where the apparent ability to attract and to repel is at its maximum.


The changing conditions of spheroids as they grow past their perfectly round maturity and expand via their equators so that the distance around their equators is greater than the distance around their poles.

Octave waves of the elements

Each octave has seven gyroscopic locking positions of opposed electric vortex wave motions. These gyroscopic locking positions give form to the elements which spring forth from the inert gas of each octave. There are nine octaves of matter for the nine inert gases, which give the elements their form and conditions.


The infinite changeless power of the Creator as expressed through the Fulcrums of Still Magnetic Light which centre and bound all electric motions of the temporal universe.


The Still Magnetic Light is the ‘eternal changeless throne’ of the Creator and is omnipresent throughout the infinite universe. The Creator is omnipresent within and without space, controlling all electric motions of our temporal universe.


The changeless, all-knowing aspect of the Creator, which is mentally imaging all electric motion in the infinite universe.


The dynamic effects of light.

Polarization and depolarization

The mechanical process by which preponderances of generative, compressive, and radiative, expansive pairs of conditions are produced either side of an equator, dividing waves into cycles of interchanging pressures.


The condition of spheroids as they grow from their infancy to maturity into perfectly round spheres. The distance around the equators while a sphere is prolating is less than the distance around its poles.


An extension of the equatorial plane which divides any mass. It is that part of mass where radiative emanations are at their maximum.


Space is the 'dark light' of Creation, filled with the unseen octaves of matter beyond the range of human sensing or any detection technology. Space is filled with plasma and illuminated by currents of electricity.

Static system

The east/west direction of equal electric pressure.


The universal vacuum is the expansion end of the ‘universal piston,’ and gravity is the compression end. Electricity does not pull inward from within but compresses to divide into pairs for the purpose of creating a dense pressure condition or electric potential. This is done against the resistance of the universal vacuum, which finally conquers electricity’s effort to simulate cohesion.


The cessation of polarity. The cessation of opposition, or power, to manifest anything.

Voidance Principle, The

“Every event in Nature is voided as it occurs, is repeated as it is voided, and is recorded as it is repeated.” The principle that events, sequences, and time, are appearances that manifest reality. Each is simultaneously self-voiding – not the next instant of the happening, but the same instant. To our one-way sensing all motion is real, but to our knowing all motion is but universal imaginings.

Wave axis

See 'gravity.'


Weight is:

-the sum of the difference between the two pressures which act on every mass.

-the measure of the difference in electric potential between any mass and the volume it occupies.

-the measure of unbalance between any mass and its displaced environment.

-the measure of the force that a body exerts in seeking its true potential, and it is

-the sum of the difference between the inward pull of gravitation and the outward thrust of radiation.

Every mass in the universe has a true potential position in which it is in balance with every other mass in the universe. When in that position it has no weight in respect to any other mass in the universe.

Zero universe

The concept that the sensed universe of many things, which seems to have countless changing moving forms, is a zero universe of rest that never exceeds zero in any of its effects but only appears to do so.

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